Iuka, Illinois "Halfway Tavern"

The following story and pictures were provided by
David & Pat Neff.

        My name is David Neff.  I was raised in Iuka, Marion County, IL. Iuka is about 10 miles east of Salem, IL, and about a mile south of U. S. Route 50.   My parents owned a 104 acre farm on Route 50, about one half mile east of the Iuka exit road. At the east edge of this farm stands a replica of an old stagecoach building on 4 acres. 

A few years ago the state of Illinois purchased this 4 acres, and the original stagecoach stand that was there, and made it into a historical site. They demolished the original structure and replaced it with the one that is there now. My Grandfather Charles H. Neff, was the original owner of the" Halfway House" as it was called, and 104 acres.  He always claimed that President Lincoln slept there, along with a lot of other stagecoach travelers.






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