US 50 -- Colorado

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Delta                     Furnished by: Nancy Wood               

In the second weekend in September, the City of Delta sponsors the "Highway 50 Art on the Road Show".  

It specifically labeled "Highway 50" because of our pride in the historic significance of the highway.  As far as our history, possibly the most "heard of" event in Delta was a bank robbery in 1891 by the famous McCarty family, who were associated with the Butch Cassidy band of scoundrels.  Two of the McCarty's died in the shoot-out, as well as a prominent citizen who was the teller at the bank.  One interesting sidenote is that the wife of the teller was left penniless with 8 sons to raise.  Every one of the sons attended college, some became quite famous in their own right.  However the wife/mother (Delli) had her own story.  She was raised in Bancock, Tailand.  Her mother was the school marm to the King of Siam (as in Anna and the King) before Anna.  The father was the physician to the King.  The King gave the father one of his hand embroided silk robes in the 1860's, which was passed to Delli.  Just last year, it returned to Delta via a grand niece of Delli.  It is displayed in the museum.  It is absolutely beautiful.  There are so many interesting stories about our amazing town, about the people who pioneered, about the Ute Indians and when they were driven out of the territory.  Our Fort Uncompahgre is a world renowned living history museum and is right on Highway 50.  Check out!

Delta is called "The City of Murals".  We have 15 murals on buildings throughout the City.  The murals were started in 1989 as part of an effort to revitalize downtown Delta.  Our sculptures are part of that commitment.

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