Wulf Berg

Travel Litterateur


Dear Sir or Dear Madam

Finally, the day has arrived where Route 50 has its own Web site. This site is being developed and dedicated for the sole purpose to promote Route 50, also known as US 50 or Highway 50. For many years, the National Highway 50 Federation under the leadership of the late Mr. Doyle L. Davidson has promoted this highway.

"The Route That Gives The Traveler Most Is U.S. 50 Coast to Coast."

While surfing the internet, I noticed that Route 50 did not have a Web site as Route 66 has. To correct this situation, I applied and received the domains Route50.com and Highway50.com.  With your help and support, we are now ready to promote Route 50 and invite vacationers, visitors from abroad and businesses to explore the beauty of your region.  My plan is to announce and link your Web site, E-mail or Fax.  Entities that list on my Web site can use 250 characters to advertise their organization or business. To cover my expenses, a listing for one year will cost $250.00. I will allow you to make periodic changes to your link or promotional phrase at no additional cost.  If you like to change your line, send me an update.  If you do not have a Web site or E-mail, I can provide you with your own Web page and E-mail.  Please let me know.

I hope you see the tremendous value this unique internet link can provide to your community or business.  Come and join us.  How nice would it be to have Route 50 become as popular as Route 66 is today. I believe Route 50 has so much more to offer.

Listing your organization now is very important to make this project a success.  I have taken the first step and secured the domains for Route 50. Come and join us!

 If you are not satisfied within 30 days, I will refund your fee.  Your comments are always welcome. Let's make this a joint project and communicate along Route 50.

Sincerely Wulf Berg

hw50-2.gif (5529 bytes)    Visit  US 50 Coast to Coast