US 50 -- Missouri

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Sedalia                     Furnished by:  Joan Burkey               E-mail:

If you travel through Sedalia, Missouri -- stop on in at McLaughlin Bros Furniture Co. in downtown Sedalia (you can see our sign looking north from Highway 50 (Broadway in Sedalia) at Ohio Avenue). We've been here for over a hundred years -- pretty good for Central Missouri. A combination of a furniture store and a funeral home (in the nineteenth century, the furniture makers often also took care of casket-making).

We'll give you a cup of coffee and a minichest from Lane Company. If our boss, Mary McLaughlin is in, she can give you all kinds of colorful Sedalia stories and connections. Plus, she's just a blast to talk to anyway!

I'm Joan (the one we keep inna cage, so the phones get answered , the transactions get posted and the payments get receipted -- that kinda stuff). Just mention that I hollered at you through your website.

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