US 50 -- Virginia

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US50 - Virginia: Travel US 50 through Virginia, VA. The Mother of Presidents.
Richmond is the Capital. State motto is: Thus always to Tyrants. 
Arlington, Aldie, Middleburg, Sky Meadows State, Winchester

Welcome to Virginia   -   The Mother of Presidents.
The capital is Richmond.
State motto is: Thus always to Tyrants.

After crossing the Potomac River, we enter   ARLINGTON,   famous for the Veterans Cemetery. On the left, we pass directly by the Iwo Jima Marine Corps Memorial, proudly flying "Old Glory," the US Flag.

Frank Gilligan lives in Arlington VA.  He sent us this picture of US Highway
50 going west.  It was taken from the pedestrian bridge just west of the
intersection with N/S Irving Street.

Arlington is a beautiful place to live. In early May, dogwood and azaleas are blooming and beautify each residence. A few miles down the road on US 29 we see an old landmark, the "29 Tastee Diner." We stop and taste their food.

The first thing we notice is the friendliness of the waitress. She seems to know all her customers and plays referee in conversations. The food is delicious and hot and served fast as it used to be. They have an old jukebox where you still can play your favorites from the 50s and 60s. We try it out and listen to "Pretty Woman" and "Hound Dog." If you should pass by, don't fail to stop and say hello.

As we pass through the rolling countryside, we come to a little town known as  ALDIE.  It has an old mill and many old buildings that now have become antique shops. The countryside consists of farms that breed horses and cattle.

Next, we pass through   MIDDLEBURG,   a very beautiful city of old houses situated among large trees. Middleburg is also the home of John Warner, a distinguished senator from Virginia. I can understand why he wants to live in this part of his state.

Try to spend some time and visit the small local stores where you will find a variety of beautiful hand-crafted items from around the world, such as Irish crystal.

We stop at the Sky Meadows State Park for a picnic. The park entrance is about one mile south on US 17. It is easy to see how the park got its name. From miles away, we can see the Blue Ridge Mountains. The park provides primitive camping and hiking trails to the Appalachian Trail. We enjoy a relaxing picnic under the old trees in the Mount Bleak house garden. Rolling pastures and woodlands provide the perfect setting for a peaceful getaway.

Beginning of May,   WINCHESTER   celebrated the annual Apple Blossom Festival. Take time and stroll among the little shops located in the restored old town.  The festival has been held for the last 84 years.
The best source of information would be through the official website.

My recommendation is to gas up outside of Winchester, before going into-shall we call it The Wilderness.  Make sure that your car is in good running order as there could be nowhere discount parts or shocks along the way.  Shortly after Winchester, the four-lane highway turns into a two-lane road as we enter West Virginia. 

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Bill Etue has put together very informative, detail web site that starts in Chantilly Virginia, where route 28 crosses route 50, and goes to Paris Virginia where route 50 crosses the blue ridge mountains.

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