US50 - District of Columbia (WASHINGTON): 
Travel US 50 through District of Columbia (WASHINGTON), DC. The Nation's Capital. 
Washington Monument, Vietnam Memorial, Vietnam Women's Memorial, Albert Einstein Memorial,
Lincoln Memorial

US 50 - Washington, DC

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Welcome to Washington, DC - The Nation's Capital.

US 50 is known in Washington as New York Avenue.  It is one of the older thoroughfares into the center of the District.  As you enter the city, you can see the Capitol to the left and in the distance the Washington Monument.  Some of these monuments can be seen better with a pair of
Next we cross Pennsylvania Avenue.  On the left side, we have another view of the Capitol.  Now, US 50 West becomes Constitution Avenue NW.  We pass all the big government buildings on Constitution Avenue, including the Smithsonian Institution, the Old Post Office and the Internal Revenue Service building. This area is called the Federal Triangle.

Also, on the left we pass the Washington Monument. It is adjacent to Route 50. On the right side, we can now see in the distance the White House. At the end of 21st Street where it crosses Constitution Avenue, we have the Vietnam Memorial. We remember that on our day of departure from home, April 30, it was 20 years ago that Saigon fell. Recently the Vietnam Women's Memorial was unveiled in a grove of trees across from the Vietnam Memorial. The bronze statue depicts three women and one wounded soldier supported on a pile of sandbags.

We always enjoy a visit to the  Albert Einstein Memorial   located in front of the National Academy of Sciences. A 21-foot high bronze statue shows the genius pondering a 3,000 star galaxy carved on black granite.

On the left side we pass the Lincoln Memorial and drive toward the Kennedy Center on the right. US 50 exits the District of Columbia over the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge, crossing the Potomac River into Virginia, our home state.

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