Richard Elliott

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This beautiful Old Barn on Route 50 between Fairfax and Middletown, Virginia, was drawn by 
Richard Elliott in September 1985. has available a limited supply of copies on card stoke suitable for framing.  (11x14 inches)  There is a $10 charge for the printing and mailing cost.  This is a very beautiful drawing well worth the cost.

My thanks and deepest appreciation go to Richard "Dick" Elliott for volunteering his talent. Dick contributed the cover picture and all the wonderful, spiritual drawings in my book titled "My Pilgrimage with God."  Dick is a renowned artist who has drawn and painted many pieces of artwork in Virginia, Wyoming and Montana. He retired from the US Army and now maintains his studio in Yorktown, Virginia. Dick is a faithful believer and elder in our church. I thank him for his valuable contributions to my book.

The following pictures are currently on display at Dick Elliott's studio in Yorktown.  You can send an e-mail to obtain additional information.










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